Chandeliers remain classics forever radiating the spark of luxury at first sight. However, people are now increasingly opting for pendant lights instead of chandeliers owing to the modern vibes they portray through their unique designs, usage of path-breaking materials, and quirky patterns. People are beginning to go out-of-the-box to decorate and illuminate their homes.

Pendant lights as the name suggests are miniature versions of chandeliers though not always crystalline in structure. They are available in traditional, contemporary, and transitional designs.

Traditional pendant lights
These kind of pendant lights are suitable for homes that have the old world charm furnished with traditional classic pieces of furniture. Pendant lights in traditional designs are budget-friendly compared to the majestic chandeliers.

Contemporary pendant lights
Our bestsellers fall into this category as people do not want anything ordinary these days. With a wide range of materials that go into the making of these lights, such as fabric, ceramic, acrylic, metal, wood, and bamboo, these can change the vibe of the entire room in a jiffy!

Transitional pendant lights
Neither there nor here- are transitional pendant lights for those who still haven't mustered the courage to play unconventional with their dream home. They retain the charm of the classic pieces but experiment with a choice of materials usually in metal-glass combinations.

Warm or Bright?
Of course, beauty is the priority when choosing lighting fixtures for homes. But do not ever compromise on functionality. If the space is used for academic purposes or office work, always go for a bright bulb within the pendant light and place it strategically so that your workspace is amply illuminated. On the other hand, if your spaces are used to simply laze around or cozy up with friends and family, a warm bulb goes perfectly into a pendant light.

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