The Amber Thunderbolt -A
The Amber Thunderbolt -A

As bright as a lightning streak, this gold-themed contemporary piece is beauty renamed. Accentuate the prime space in your home or office space with this piece of impeccable artistry to catch every eye and hold every breath.

Rs. 27,000.00 - Rs. 28,350.00
Rs. 27,000.00 27,000.00

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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS                                                               
LENGTH : 1050mm                 
WIDTH :  475mm                             
HEIGHT : 600mm       

LENGHTH : 685mm                         
WIDTH :  60mm                                 
HEIGHT: 25mm                         
ROD LENGTH : 600mm + 400mm   
OVERALL HEIGHT : 1500mm    

NO. OF BULB : 9                                         
HOLDER : E27                                                                   
CORD LENGTH : 1000mm                                             
BULB PROVIDED : NO                                   
PRODUCT MATERIAL : METAL GOLD MATT FINISH WITH 9 TINTED AMBER GLASS